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 28 apr 2015 16:22 

Jules Destrooper is being acquired by GT&CO (Vandermarliere family)

On 28th April, Jules Destrooper based in Lo-Reninge is being acquired by GT&CO, holding company of the Vandermarliere family. Both parties sealed the deal today.

Guido Vandermarliere started the negotiations in the beginning of this year. He will become 100% shareholder of the renowned biscuit manufacturer, employing 160people with an annual turnover of around 36 million Euros. The Vandermarliere family is best known for it’s J.Cortès cigars. Jules Destrooper, which has locations in Lo-Reninge and Ieper, is a profitable company and grew significantly in the past few years. The company has a 125-year tradition and is active in 75 countries around the world. Jules Destrooper is not only a unique company; it is a unique brand that epitomizes Belgian quality far beyond the borders of its nation. Until this acquisition, the SME was managed by Peter Destrooper . The brothers Peter and Patriek Destrooper were both 50% shareholder of the company.

After selling its tobacco company tobacco company Gryson (based in Wervik) to the Japan Tobacco Company multinational in 2012, the Vandermarliere family patiently and professionally explored the markets for new opportunities. Besides a number of large and appealing real estate projects, both domestic and abroad, the acquisition of Jules Destrooper is the first major private equity deal. Guido Vandermarliere: “The goal has always been to focus on our core competencies:  the fast-moving consumer goods with a brand. The acquisition of Jules Destrooper perfectly fits the bill.Unlike other private equity players we endeavour a long-term relationship, based on the philosophy of a family company.
The Vandermarliere family is fully taking over the company’s staff and wishes to aim for growth, by, amongst other things, planning new investments. “There is a lot of room to expand”, says Guido Vandermarliere. Peter Destrooper, as fomer CEO of the company, will be succeeded by Emmanuel Blomme, who has a proven track record and who managed , in name of the Vandermarliere fam based tobacco company UTP Ltd., employing 1.700 people today. In the past year he was active at the level of the holding company.

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